Shanghai Yangdun Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Johnson Matthey Shanghai factory

Project name: Johnson wanfeng Shanghai plant

Location: dongxing road, songjiang district, Shanghai

Equipment specification: 2 sets of 140KVA UPS parallel machine

Project description: in April 2017, an internationally renowned Johnson Johnson wanfeng Shanghai plant purchased two sets of 140KVA king kong series UPS of "yangton" brand for its newly put into production for the combustion furnace of extruder workshop and adopted a reliable parallel redundancy system.Once the power failure of the combustion furnace, 54KW fan will no longer work, which may lead to flammable and toxic gas can not be removed in time, there is a serious risk.By December 2017, the whole set of equipment was in good operation.Ensure the stable operation of combustion furnace.

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