Shanghai Yangdun Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Jinzhou Airport Expansion Project

Project name: jinzhou airport expansion project

Location: jinzhou airport, liaoning province

Equipment specifications: 11 sets of 60KVA parallel UPS,30KVA,20KVA EPS

Project description: in November 2014, the expansion project of jinzhou airport was undertaken by an electrical equipment company in jiangsu. The IDC center room, take-off and landing command center and office building of the new project adopted the decentralized power supply.According to the requirements of the general contractor and considering that the power supply at the airport is particularly critical, yangton company recommends that the owner choose king kong series UPS power supply with 60KVA redundancy in parallel.Out of trust, the owner will supply 4 sets of EPS power supply and 2 sets of dc operating system.By December 2017, the whole set of equipment was in good operation.To ensure the stable operation of jinzhou airport has made a contribution.

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