Shanghai Yangdun Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Anhui Province(Jieshou public security bureau Tianwang project phase I)

Project name: anhui provincial public security bureau tianwang project phase I

Location: new building of public security bureau, jieshou city, anhui province

Equipment specifications: 1 set of modular 60KVA(cabinet 200KVA)UPS with 128 12V200AH batteries

Project description: the first phase of sky network project of the public security bureau of jiashou city, anhui province, and the IDC center computer room and 110 command center computer room of the new building adopted centralized power supply.The owner hopes to supply 60KVA of power temporarily and expand to 200KVA in the future.Yangton recommended the owner to choose the top series modular UPS power supply.The first phase is equipped with 3*20KVA modules and 1 200KVA cabinet.It not only meets the current needs of the owner, but also takes into account the possible expansion needs of the second phase of the project in the future.The battery pack all adopts the open type battery rack, the heat dissipation is good, completely meets the safety requirements of the machine room.By December 2017, the whole set of equipment was in good operation


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