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Quality assurance and after-sales service commitment

Thank you for choosing to purchase and use the products of Shanghai Yutton Electric Co., Ltd.The products of our company are covered by professional insurance companies. In order to ensure the uninterrupted power supply during use, we make the following commitments to relieve your worries.

I, the basic warranty policy (two-year warranty)

1, When UPS power is no more than 20kVA, and the machine breaks down within one year, we will replace it with a new one.  If the machine breaks down within two years, the machine will be returned to the factory for repair or replacement.

2, When UPS power is more than 20KVA, quality problems occur during the two-year warranty period, free on-site service.

3, Industrial grade products (including power UPS power supply, EPS power supply, DC power supply system, etc.) are guaranteed for one year.

4,The supporting battery, battery cabinet and other accessories of the machine have the same warranty period as the main machine.

5,No matter what kind of products of Yutton brand, if the product has a major quality problem within one month of purchase, the packaging is complete and the packing data is complete and the product shell is not scratched, and the new machine can be replaced If the users want.

6, We adhere to the "full support" concept and negotiate with customers, but he following situations are not within the scope of warranty:

6.1,Product identification or serial number is damaged or lost;

6.2,Damage or lost  due to weather, rain, moisture, lightning strikes and other natural disasters, or caused by force majeure;

6.3,Man-made damage: such as violation of machine operation/use regulations, deep discharge of battery, etc

6.4, Damage caused by unauthorized disassembly, or attachment of other accessories, or malfunction and damage caused by self-transport, movement after installation.


Service commitment: All year round service, instant response, prompt maintenance, effective guarantee

1. Pre-sales: Our technical team could provide reliable electric power(EP) solution to meet users’ individual request for EP environment and facility.

2. On-sales: Professional 

We have professional installation staff, implement the "machine to person" service mode, the first time for the user to install, debug. In the process of installation and debugging, professional personnel will conduct on-site practical operation and other aspects of training, until the user can use freely to complete the operation

3. After-sales: After-sales personnel keep close contact with users and timely response to user requirements.

III, the service response system

For the user's fault repair, we will respond 7*24 hours. The after-sales service department will send professional technicians to the fault site on time to check and repair, so as to minimize the impact on the users. The specific time to arrive at the scene is:

Shanghai area: 4 hours; East China (except Shanghai): 8 hours; other areas: 24 hours.

Fourth, inspection service (belonging to value-added services, need to be agreed at the time of purchase, usually for medium and high power)

1. Detect the installation environment and usage of the product;

2. According to the user's needs, battery discharge, machine maintenance, replacement of wearing parts;

3. Provide inspection reports.

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